Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pre-K to Kinder Day 2

So today was day 2 of summer school. Not so stressful. We are settling in to a nice routine. In fact, we even made it to lunch. OK, so we were 5 minutes early. Better than the 15 minutes late we were yesterday. 

Today was all about learning the letters in our names, letter Aa, sorting by color and shape. For our enrichment hour we are doing Space. Today was all about the sun and we did an AWESOME sun art project. 

We made these adorable name rockets. I have two examples, one done the right way and then there is R's. He had it done correctly, next time I looked he had peeled off all but one of his letters and decided he wanted an astronaut in his rocket. We've all been there. So, I shared a good one and one that's not so perfect. 

I think they turned out super cute. Even the one that is not done correctly, it says a lot about his personality. After they finished their rockets, we brought them to the carpet and compared rockets and had a great discussion about why some were so much bigger than others. Love mixing math and language arts. 

Our enrichment time has been a lot of fun. We did these awesome sun paintings. When I was trolling Pinterest, I found some cute sun painting. They were pretty much the same as the one I did with this one little difference. I used colored sweetened condensed milk instead of paint. Why the change, well when it dries, it dries shiny! Doing the same project with paint is fine and cute, it just isn't shiny. And shiny is awesome and makes the suns look very realistic! 

When my son saw this, he made the comment, "That's great mom, but won't it stink?" NOPE! It dries and doesn't smell at all. Here are the steps to making these realistic suns.

Step 1: Color Sweetened Condensed Milk with food coloring - One bowl yellow, one bowl red
Step 2: Drizzle SCM over a pre-cut circle that is glued on black construction paper
Step 3: Cover paper with plastic wrap
Step 4: Spread the "paint" over the circle. We just used our fingers and spread like crazy
Step 5: Pull the plastic wrap off and throw away. If a little gets on your fingers, no big deal, just lick it off. YUMMY! The picture in step 5 is after is dried. Nice and shiny. I think they look like the sun. 

Tomorrow look for a freebie. My plan was for today, but when I had my editors take a look there is a mistake (got to love 5 year old editors, they are NOT afraid to tell you something is boring or wrong). 

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