Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Letter a day

Summer school has been a blast. I hate to say goodbye in 5 days. It has been a great way to reset and get ready for August. At first I wanted to go to the office and tell them, "I want this student, I don't want this student!" However, I would be thrilled to get any of them. They are such a good bunch of kids and have adjusted to my expectations very well. I only have these guys for 3 hours. I spend an hour on learning about one letter, an hour on math, and then an enrichment hour. One of the favorite letter of the day activities so far has been silly hats. Every day my students can't wait to find out what they are going to make. But what I didn't expect is how much everyone else enjoys seeing them also. Everyday a staff member or parent comments on how cute they are. Well, I didn't create these hats. I found them about three years ago and fell in love.

I mean, how cute is HE!!!!! 

I don't know if Simply Kinder has plans to do it again, but I know she has offered these hats as a freebie at least twice. I was lucky to get them one of those times. However, I would have paid for them if they hadn't been free. I provided a link to her TPT page. It is right above the picture of her cover. Hope you enjoy this easy-peasy letter activity. 

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