Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today was staff development day in our district. I was asked to facilitate the morning math session for Kindergarten. Rather than prepare a bunch of stuff I knew would be put on a shelf, we collaborated on making centers for our kiddos. What a wonderful morning we had. It is great listening and sharing with your grade level. I came up with two centers and would like to share them with you (as soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will). The first is very simple, Read the book How Big Is a Foot? to your kiddos. The center is based on measuring different areas in your room with feet. Rather than using all human feet, measure with different animal feet. I used bear, penguin, raccoon, and duck feet. The center will have a recording sheet with pictures of different areas in our room and pictures of the feet. Children will go to that area, then measure using all of the different feet and record on sheet. Super cute, easy to change and very personal to your class.

The second center was simple as well, made a table, across the top inserted a picture of a color tile and hexagon pattern block.  Going down the left side, insert pictures of school supplies. I put an eraser, crayon, pencil, scissors, and glue. Students will then place the object listed on the left on one side of the scale while putting either color tiles or hexagon pattern blocks on the other. When the scale is level, count the number of tiles/pattern blocks and record on he sheet.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here we GO!

After spending my year stalking blogs, I have decided to try one for myself. I have been a teacher for 19 years. After spending the last 7 years out of the classroom as a Strategist, I am back in the classroom and teaching Kindergarten (which I have not taught for 15 years)! It has been a year full of challenges and enormous growth for me as a teacher! My epiphany for the year is: Never underestimate the Power of Kindergarten students! I am amazed every day at their willingness to try my crazy ideas and enjoy every minute I have spent with them (maybe not every minute, but pretty darn close).

So about my class, I have 26 amazing Kiddos. I teach at an At Risk - Inner City, Title I school. 25 of my students are ELL. Being a teacher of "at risk" students, is both challenging and extremely rewarding. Challenges; language, poverty, and parental illiteracy.  Rewards; wonder on faces every day! I get to watch children experience things for the first time, extreme growth, and unconditional LOVE!

In addition to my kiddos, I have 2 amazing boys, one is 11, one is 10, of my own (well, I have to share them with my husband). In addition to our boys, my husband has two boys from a previous marriage. All of the boys in my life bring me great joy and are the great loves of my life! We have 2 wonderful dogs, both rescued. I am a animal lover and passionate about animal rights.

So, that's me. Wife, mother, teacher, animal lover. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and find.