Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sensory Table Fun!

Four years ago I was headed back to the classroom after 8 years as a strategist. While I was eager to begin the newest chapter in my life, I was nervous!!!! I put on a brave face and told anyone who asked how excited I was to be going back to the land of Glitter, Paint, and Play-Doh! I was going old school! I was going to have house keeping, dramatic play, art, and most of all I had big plans for the sand and water table I found in my room. 

OK, you can stop laughing! Yes, I had NO idea what Kindergarten was like. It had been 8 years since I had taught Kindergarten. Things had changed A LOT! Fast forward 4 years. I still want a room full of glitter, paint, Play-Doh, and my sensory table. I do pretty well integrating art into my lessons. I mean my students didn't refer to me as The Queen of Glitter for nothing! But, how to integrate the sensory table. When I shared my vision with a couple of colleagues, the only thing they had to tell me was, "We can't do things like that anymore, we don't have time!" So, no help on there. Where to turn, Pinterest of course! I have to say, I found a TON of ideas. So taking those ideas, I came up with some ideas of my own. For water day, rather than just have water games. I wanted to do a science with water station. I went with water beads with glow sticks and Squishy Baff. What is Squishy Baff?
OMG!!!!! Fun, slimy, gooey, amazing stuff! It is designed to go in the bathtub but works great in a sensory tub. It was easy to make and clean up. We did lots of experiments with viscosity, sink and float, and just had fun!

The Squishy Baff is the picture on the top. You may notice that the bottom picture is NOT your typical sand/water table. All of our other sand/water tables were being used so I used an inflatable salad bar I bought for family get togethers. It worked great. 

These two activities were just the beginning of what I have planned for my sensory table. I have another great activity with water beads. I will be using it at the beginning of the year. I can't wait to share the pictures and details with y'all. 

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