Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday - July 4th

Today I thought I would link up with Kacy from Doodle Bugs and give you a little peek into my world.

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I LOVE the 4th of July! I am PROUD to be an American. That being said, let the celebrations begin. 

Love my handsome father. 16 years old and off to fight in WWII! 
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On Sunday, my family and I took a ride on the High Roller! If your coming to Vegas for I Teach K, I recommend taking a ride.
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Participated in my first ever Twitter chat, hosted by Debbie Clements.  Perfect for a first timer. Super fun! Will be doing this again.
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Trying to decide how to cut my hair. I have long hair now and think it's time to go short and sassy.
Maybe an A-Line. My boys have told me NO Willy Wonka hair cut!!!!!
Apparently, last hair cut looked a lot like this. HEE HEE!!
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Finally, I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!!!!! 

That's it folks. Looking forward to I Teach K and going to this,

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