Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Week Lesson Plans

Typically I spend my summer working on plans for my room. I like change and try to do a new theme in my class every year. However, this year I decided that I would keep elements from last year and not really have a "Theme"! Shocking!!!!!!

By making this decision, I am freeing up my time to plan! So far I have my first week plans completely written, with all of the centers, stations, and word work completed. Here are my plans. I have linked the items that I purchased or got free of a site. If I forgot to link one, I'm sorry it wasn't intentional. Let me know and I will put the link on. First Week Lesson Plans

I did not link the photos of books, pins, or crafts. Sorry I just goggled what I wanted and then skimmed the images until I found what I was looking for. As  a disclaimer, I don't know when my specials will be. For the last two years I had the sames schedule. I will adjust if needed. 

Happy Planning! 

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  1. These plans look so organized and fun and adorable!