Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best Intentions...

Today is the very last day of my summer vacation. I officially start back tomorrow. I have been a very busy girl working in my room. I have had some "help". My boys have gone with me every day I have gone in. I must say that it took twice as long to get my room almost done. However, I would not change a thing. It was wonderful to spend these last few days of summer with them.

As for my room, I mentioned in earlier blog post that my theme was Enchanted Forest. I was so excited to have fairies, butterflies, gnomes, and all the other wonderful forest creatures visit my room this year. But, somehow my room had a mind of its own and it is now Once Upon A Time. Don't know how it happened. But I am really excited how it all came together. I have only taken one picture so far. I made the banner and the pom poms and think this bulletin board turned out pretty cute.

I love the colors and can't wait until I'm actually done with the entire room. I'd better hurry, school starts on Monday.  Stay tuned for the rest of my room.

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