Friday, August 2, 2013

Calendar Freebie

Had to make a quick trip to California. Nice to get away, see family, and enjoy cooler weather. I also had to enroll my youngest in "Cub" camp. My son's middle school offers a 2 week boot camp to give new middle school students a quick look at what their next 3 years will look like. So, while he is in "Cub Camp" my oldest son and I are going to start on my classroom. This will be the first year in 9 years I don't have a child attending the school where I am teaching. Have to say I am looking forward to the peace and quiet in the mornings.

Every morning the first thing we do in class is calendar. I am expanding the way I do calendar this year and want my Cubs to be more involved. In the past it has been teacher led and now I want my students to take a more active roll. This year I am adding calendar notebooks. I purchased two different ones from TPT and will mix and match what I want. 

I am going to try using heavy-duty double pocket portfolios with fasteners rather than binders. I use binders for their scrapbooks and don't want to mess with two of them. I may change my mind, but for now it's the folders.  Before I left for California, I gave my calendar headers as a freebie, today I am going to give my August calendar pieces. They are simple but I like that I can pattern with the graphic I put on them. I will put the rest of the year, one month at a time. Hope you like them and if you would like different graphics, let me know, I can easily change them. 

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