Sunday, August 11, 2013

And so it begins...

On Friday I took my boys to "help" me work in my room. My youngest is having a hard time adjusting to "Cub Camp". He is very anxious and is nervous to the point that he is making himself sick. So to give him a break, I let him miss a day and join me and his brother working in my room. Any suggestions on how to help him transition to middle school would be greatly appreciated. I do have a Dr. appointment for him to see what he suggests. Now I don't know how many of you take your children with you to help you in your rooms. If you do and they actually get stuff done, I want to know your secrets. When I take my boys one on one, we get a lot done. If they are together, not so much. What I did get done was to empty one of my big storage areas and organize what was inside. This is the mess we made trying to organize my room.
I am not going to post any of my after pictures until I'm completely done with my room. That being said, I have been a shopping fool. I have been on the look out for a new chair to use during circle time. I found a couple that I LOVE, but they cost way to much. So, I decided to save a little at a time and in the mean time, I did find this fun chair at Big Lots for under $30.
 Hello, I had NO idea that Big Lots had so much fun stuff for the classroom. I also found book baskets for my reading area. Big Lots is now on my official list of favorite places to shop for school stuff.

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