Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Coloring, before beginning my sojourn back into Kindergarten, I really thought that all parents colored with their children. Folks, that is NOT true. I have children entering my room having never held a crayon. While I would love it if all of my cubs knew how to color, the simple fact is they don't. So what to do? TEACH COLORING!!! Why have I not done this before? I have seen coloring rubrics all over and decided I would make one for my class and spend the time teaching coloring (when I say time, the lesson took 5 minutes tops). I began by going over the rubric. I just took my PDF to Office Depot and asked them to make it poster size. Easy peasy! 

  My 3 Star Coloring
Click above if you would like the rubric to use in your room

After going through the entire process and all of my expectations, I handed out our first coloring sheet. I was amazed at how much time and effort my cubs put into these monsters. Taking five minutes and teaching how to color has already made a huge difference. I still have a few students that scribble. But, we are working on that and after all, it is only the third day of school. 

As you can see, my cubs are focused and being very careful. The only little cub in the corner has turned her crayon so she can "shade" her monster. Not sure where she learned about that. I thought I took pictures of the final product. But, nope. I must have seen something shiny and was distracted. 

Happy HUMP day! Week one is half way done :)

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