Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July 2015

Once again an entire school year has passed by without a single blog post from me. I am going to TRY to be better about blogging. I have plenty to share and I'm sure you can hardly wait ;) However, that is not what this post is all about. Onto more important things. I am excited to link up with  Farley from Oh'Boy 4th Grade once again.

Listening: I am listening to The Talk on CBS as I am waiting for my boys to come home so we can go shopping. 

Loving: Last summer our school was designated a Zoom school. Basically that means our test scores have not been what the states thinks they should be. Becoming a Zoom school didn't bring too many changes. What it did do was allow us to work an extra 17 days. Yesterday was my last day of school. WooHoo!!!!! In September 17 days didn't seem like a big deal. In June, it seemed like the year would never end! 

Thinking: Having cut my summer short by a month and moving schools has made for a very long to do list. But everything can wait until tomorrow, right?! 

Wanting: I have had the worst year of my entire teaching career! Not because of my class! They were amazing. But, the other nonsense that goes on at a school 'bout killed me! Because of the stress, I want to do absolutely nothing for at least a week. We'll see how long it really last. After all, 4th of July is in 4 days and I have a party to plan and get ready for. 

Needing: I really need to start on my to do list! Have you ever had so much to do, you didn't know where to start or how to prioritize the list? Well, that's where I am. I am thinking I need a three column list;  Family, School, and Home. That way I can make sure I complete at least one item from each column everyday. Or, I can just relax and go on vacation. I think vacations should win out. Right?!

All Star: So I am an all star mom! Both of my boys are on our cities All Star Baseball team. Pretty proud of both of them. However,that's their accomplishment not mine. One of my passions is cupcake decorating. I LOVE decorating cupcakes and I love teaching others how to decorate cute cupcakes. I taught an after school cupcake decorating class to 2nd - 5th graders. Talk about combining two passions. So much FUN!!!!! Below are a few of the cupcakes we made. 
          Spaghetti and Meatballs        Fish                 Flowers

                 Butterflies                  Karaoke                Ladybugs 



  1. Your cake decorating skills are AMAZING!!!! I love the Shark, flower, and butterfly cupcakes! :)

    What is a ZOOM School??

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching

    1. Our state has set aside funds to help at risk students. The goal is that all students leave 3rd graders as readers. To help with this goal Zoom schools have smaller kindergarten classes, a reading center, extra pre-k classes and an extended school year.

  2. Wow!!! Your cake decorating blow me away! My boys would love to do that.

    1. Thanks! My boys love helping me whenever I pull out my decorating supplies.

  3. Ugh, I hate when all the 'other stuff' gets in the way of having a great year. I think you MORE than earned doing nothing for a week. That after school cupcake decorating class sounds amazing! How cool to be able to share your talents with students!

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