Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Behavior Management

I have subscribed to many philosophies of behavior management in my career. I started with a 3 strikes your out, moved on to a money system (which I love for older students), and now I use a clip system to monitor personal behavior and a compliment board to monitor class behavior. Below is my clip chart (my theme for this year is  "Wild" about Kindergarten):
All students start on this board. I put boys on the right and girls on the left. This helps the little ones find their name faster. When students make a good choice, they move up to this board:
If a student continues to make good choices, they can move up their clip again. This is something that does not happen everyday. I like to make this a big deal! If they are on Mega Star at the end of the day, they earn a visit to the treasure box.
Now there are times when students may make a poor choice, if that happens the clip moves down a step on the chart.
If a student continues to make poor choices, the clip will have to be moved down another step. If we were having free play or a fun project that day, any child on Rock Star will sit out for 5 minutes.
This usually takes care of any problems in my classroom. However, there were a couple of times that a student was on Rock Star and still was struggling.When that happened, the child took their clip off the board and a parent conference was scheduled. 

I should say that when ever a child has to move their clip down, I talk to them privately. I do NOT believe in reprimanding in public. I am a firm believer in positive behavior and just needed something to make my "cubs" accountable for their choices. 

The one thing I noticed about this system for Kindergarten is that it didn't matter where they were on the chart, at the end of the day they took their parent to the chart and showed them their clip. This was a great time for me to talk about behavior with parents and for my parents who didn't understand English it  was a great visual for them to see how their child was doing in class. 

So, this is what I do, I would love to hear what you do. I am still trying to figure out how to upload freebies and make sure I do it legally. When I do, I will upload my clip chart. 

Coming soon: Monthly compliment board with instructions!

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